School For Your Kids

“Education in Canada is provided, funded, and overseen by federal, provincial, and local governments. Education is within provincial jurisdiction, and curriculum is overseen by the province. Education in Canada is generally divided into Elementary (Primary School), followed by Secondary (High School) and Post Secondary (University, College). Within the provinces under the Ministry of Education, there are District Schools Boards administering the educational programs. Education is compulsory up to the age of 16 in every province in Canada, except Ontario and New Brunswick, where the compulsary age is 18. Canada generally has 190 school days in the year, officially starting from September to the end of June” – WIKIPEDIA.

Once you arrive here, you may register your kids directly at your neighbouhood public school. You can find a public school of your neighbouhood and its information including contact numbers from the following link;

Saskatoon Public School Map

Remember to take the following documents with you when you go to the school first time;

  • Passport
  • Proof of age
  • School transcripts

Your kid’s language ability, age, prior schooling and future goals will be considered when determining a placement in the school.

For more information, please  refer the Saskatoon Public Schools Home Page.

If translation or other assistance is required, contact;

  • Saskatoon Open Door Society: (306) 653-4464
  • Ms. Donnalee Weinmaster,Saskatoon Pubilic School Division: (306) 683-8200

Other Important Information:

Language Schools:

  • There are number of language schools which teach languages other than Canada’s official languages of English and Frensh. Here is the link; Language Schools

English as Second Language (ESL):

(Source: Saskatoon Public Schools) The Elementary ESL/EAL Program is for students in Grades two through eight, whose first language is not English and who are unable to function in an appropriate age-grade level due to a lack of English. ESL/EAL centres of instruction are located at Brevoort Park School, Greystone Heights School, Howard Coad School, Lawson Heights School, and W.P. Bate School. Elementary students receive the appropriate level of instruction and assistance from the ESL/EAL centre where their needs can be most appropriately met. The following secondary schools provide English as a Second/Additional Language (ESL/EAL) support for newcomers to Canada:

  • Centennial Collegiate
  • Evan Hardy Collegiate
  • Marion Graham Collegiate
  • Mount Royal Collegiate;
  • Tommy Douglas Collegiate
  • Walter Murray Collegiate

For more information on English as a Second/Additional Language (ESL/EAL) support at the elementary or secondary level please contact Donnalee Weinmaster at (306) 683-8422


Saskatoon Catholic Schools:

Greater Saskatoon Catholic School is Saskatchewan’s largest Catholic school division. It serves approximately 15,200 students in 45 schools located in Saskatoon, Humbolt, Biggar, and Viscount.


French Immersion Programs:

The French Immersion Program is for students whose first language is not French. This program uses French as the language of instruction and communication in the school setting. Frensch Immersion is structured so that students learn French and English skills and follow provincial curricula. Saskatoon Public Schools has 5 elementary and 2 secondary schools offering French Immersion Programs. Click here to find more information.


University Entrance:

Other Schools in Saskatoon:


Settlment Support Workers in Schools (SSWIS):

The SSWIS program is a partnership of the Saskatoon Open Door Society, Boards of Education, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It is a school based outreach program designed to help newcomers students and their families settle in their school and community. SSWIS connects newly arrived families to services and resources in the school and community in order to promote settlement and foster student achievement.

For more information, Contact:

  • Saskatoon Open Door Society, Tel: 653 -4464
  • SSWIS in High Schools, Tel: 260-0994, 270-4166, and 370-3691
  • SSWIS in Elementary Schools, Tel: 292-7223, 270-8998, and 370-3681


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