First Thing To Do


Here is a list of things you should do, once you arrive in Saskatoon, Canada.

Number 1: Apply for a SIN Number

As a new immigrant, you should first apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN number). SIN is a nine-digit number that you need to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits. You can find more information on SIN from the following link. (If you are an international student, please talk to your department head or someone from payroll division to see whether you need to apply for a SIN). You can download an application for a SIN from this website;

Download an application from the above link (Check under “Forms”) and complete it. Then, you should submit the completed application together with required documents (check under permanent residents or work permit/study permit) to the Saskatoon Service Canada Centre located at the following address in Downtown, Saskatoon;

Federal Building
101- 22nd Street East
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

If you need more information on Saskatoon Service Canada Centre, such as  telephone numbers, hours of service and a map to this centre, you can use the following link;

Number 2: Apply for Saskatchewan Health Coverage

Next important thing to register for is Saskatchewan Health Coverage. If you are new to Saskatchewan, you must register for health coverage. This is valid to both new international students and immigrants. As a general rule, coverage will begin on the first day of the third calendar month following the date you established residency in Saskatchewan. You can download the application from the following link;

The completed application together with required documents (see the first page of application form for the required documents) should be mailed to the address given at the bottom of  the first page of the application form. Once you submit the application, you will receive a Saskatchewan Health Services Card by mail. Make sure that you have that card when you go to a doctor. For more details on Saskatchewan health coverage, use the following link;


Number 3: Open a Bank Account

Next, you should open a Bank Account (a Checking and a Saving Account). A list of banks is given below. You can choose whichever you like. You can go to their websites and see whether they offer what you want. Don’t take what they want to offer you. Tell the bank what you want. I personally bank with RBC and President’s Choice. I like their services and interest rates. I personally don’t like the bank accounts for which I have to pay monthly fee and other service fees. I don’t have such accounts. So…remember to bargain with your officer at the bank counter.

Consider followings when you open a bank account:

  • Open a checking and a saving account with no monthly fee (Ex. President’s Choice Financial located in the Superstore, 8th Street). If the bank does not provide account services free, there are other ways to get it. Ask for options. For example, if you have a saving account and a credit card from RBC Bank, they waive your monthly banking fee. Always talk to them and be educated before you go to the bank. Otherwise bank would give you whatever they like you to have to increase their profits. 
  • Choose a bank that provides you free cheques (Ex. President’s Choice Financial).
  • Consider online banking. Banks do not charge for this service. Sign up for e-statements. Otherwise, bank will charge you a fee for your monthly statement.
  • Choose the bank which give you the highest interest rate for your savings. Click here to find out current  interest rates from different banks.
  • Consider applying for a credit card to build up yor credit score. If you are new and do not have credit history in Canada, bank will ask you to wait. But, you can ask for a secured credit card which you can deposit 100% of your credit limit. Go for this to build your credit score.  

Click here to learn all about your banking rights and other relavent information.

To find locations of these banks in the City, go to Google Map of Saskatoon, and type bank’s name in the search tab. It will show you all  locations of the bank you want.


Number 4: Sign up for Utility Services (Phone, Power, Gas, Internet)

Sign up for utility services that include power, gas and home phone services for your appartment.

If you need a help, please contact me.


Contact: Sumith

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