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Once you arrive in, you really have to start finding a job. This takes your time and needs lot of effort from your side. Some people are lucky and  find the job suitable to their qualifications within two or three months of their arrival. For some people, it might take a year or two. Or for some people, this might take forever. So……be prepared to face the challenge. Be positive. Work hard. Everything depends on how you approach this, how you present yourself to the employer, your attitude and etc.

Don’t brag about what you did in your country, and expect the same here in Canada. There are all sorts of reasons why we should not expect it at the beginning. It might take time to get a job you are looking for. Be prepared for any situation. Be humble. Be prepared to present your qualifications and talents in an impressive way. Also…take it as your responsibility to match up your knowledge and experience to the Canadian standard or Canadian situation.

Here is what you can do.  You start with a low paying job (odd job). You can try out restaurants, supermarkets, telemarketing companies, hotels, fast-food outlets, farms and places like that.  You can  go directly to these places with a copy of your resume and talk to the manager. That might work. It is worth to try this out. By doing this, you gain some insight about job situation. Also, try paper advertisements, or job posting websites (I have given some job search sites on this page).  Also….you can ask one of your friends to refer you to a place he/she knows. Try all these options. Your effort will be paid off soon. You need this kind of job to survive unitl you find the right one for you. 
Next step is to work hard to find the job you want.  You want to find a job you like and that goes along with your knowledge and experience. Here are some simple advices. I hope this will help you a bit.


1. Prepare your resume to the Canadian standards and style. What you used in your country might not be good or attractive enough for a job here. So think about this and take some time to prepare your resume. That is your first tool for job hunting. If you need help with this, please go to following web links and see how it is done systematically.

2. When your resume is ready, find available positions suitable for you in your area. Use the following job search sites to find available positions.

The other effective way to hunt for a job is talking to people from different companies. Find a company related to your field of interest, go there and talk to the manager or someone in that category. Think about the positive side of this method. You can show them your enthusiasm, interest and you get a chance to talk to people and sell yourself in an effective way. Further, talking to these people will educate you what they are looking for, what you should do to get in, and things like that. I know that this worked for some of my friends who moved to Saskatoon as immigrants. 


3. If you cannot find a job, think about adding a Canadian qualification to your resume. This is a guaranteed way to find a job. You can do a part-time or full-time program such as a PhD, M.Sc., Certificate or Diploma program, or a training program to add a canadian qualification. You can try following academic/training institutions for different programs available for you.

If you want to go for a M.Sc. or PhD program, you can talk to a professor whose research is in line with your area of interest for a possible opening for a M.Sc. or PhD opportunity. He/she will direct you for the rest of the process, if he/she has funding.

If you are a foreign-trained doctor, click here for information on your practice here in Canada. If you are a foreign-trained dentist/dental surgeon, click here for your information. If you are a foreign-trained veterinarian, click here for your information.


4. Think about doing a volunteer work for sometime in the university or in any other institution you like. This will help you to understand the canadian working environment, to find a reference for your job application, and find a job you want. Reference for a job is very important. It is tough to find a Canadian referee for your job application if you are new to this country. So….think about volunteer work. Sometime, references from your original country might not work because of the language barrier, different time zone and other issues.


5. Keep trying until you get the job you want. Keep perseverance. Improve your marketability by improving your English, ability to work with computers, and adding Canadian qualifications.

6. If someone call you  for an interview, WORK HARD AND BE PREPARED FOR THAT. DON’T JUST GO THERE. Here are some of my advices for that.

  • Understand the position you applied for, requirements they are asking for. This is very important.  Think hard about your experience and qualifications. And then, relate them to the requirements they are asking for in the job advertisement.
  • Read about the company you applied for. Go to their website and read. You must have a good understanding what they do and how you can contribute to the company before you go to the interview.
  • Understand what you have put in your resume before you go to the interview. You should be very confident about what you have put in your resume.
  • Always be positive, show your enthusiasm, have positive attitudes, show your flexibility and adaptability. If you have negative aspects, think about how you can covert that to positive aspects. Be prepared for your answer. 
  • Relax and be friendly.
  • Do your homework before you go. Go to youtube, type “interview preparation” and watch few videos. There are lots of information out there. Browse internet on how to prepare for an interview and possible interview questions. Be prepared for your answers well in advance.


Places you can get help to find a job:

  • Saskjobs: provides a variety of tools and resources to assist people looking to find a job, make a change in careers or market their skills and abilities to prospective employers. Visit them at 225 1st Avenue North, SK, Saskatoon, S7K 2H6. Tel: 933-6281

Good Luck!

If you need any other information or help, let me know.

Sumith P., Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Other Important Job Related Websites;

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