Welcome to Saskatoon, Canada

This web site is designed to provide valuable information for new immigrants to Saskatoon, Canada. It is hard to settle in a foreign place once you arrive in . You don’t know what you should do first, where you can find things you need, and who you should contact  for help. If you have a friend or two here in Saskatoon or in Canada, it will be easy for your initial settlement. But those who don’t have anyone here, it will be tough and challenging. So this site is here to help newcomers to Saskatoon with their initial settlement.  This site contains information  for new immigrants. But this will also be useful for people planning to move to Saskatoon.

For more information, check out Saskatchewan Official Immigration Website and City of Sakatoon Immigration Page

saskatoon5 (Note: most of the images in the blog are from City of Saskatoon Image Bank)


Download Information Package for Newcomers by courtesy of Saskatoon Open Door Society.



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